Booking a Wedding Band in France

I ran this post last year… but felt it rings very true today so thought I’d add it again!

I met up with a French wedding planner and we talked about some of the issues couples face when searching for a wedding band. It was an interesting conversation and I thought I’d share some of it, as the points she makes are raised by lots of people when booking a band from a distance.

Should you book a local band or bring one from home?

Lots of couples are concerned that they have no first hand knowledge of local bands in France but bringing a band to France isn’t necessary and if your band isn’t able to hire professional standard equipment you could end up being disappointed by the sound quality too.

France has hundreds of great musicians… there really is someone for everyone. Choose a local group because :

  • we have knowledge of the local area
  • we live here and work here, we can always make a ‘Plan B’ in the event of a sudden change or problem
  • we’re here in France and not at the mercy of international travel issues
  • we speak French and understand how things work in France
  • we’re insured to work in France
  • all of our equipment is here in France
  • all of our equipment works in France… for example in-ear-monitors or radio-mics can need a different frequency across Europe… and even simple things like plugs are different… our equipment is tried and tested in France
  • we use our own equipment – we’re not hiring unfamiliar kit so there are no surprises an hour before the performance

Will we be able to provide the music you want?

Unless you have a very specific genre in mind, we find that most parties simply need a good selection of the biggest hits from the last few decades. If we know there is a predominately younger audience we weight the set list with more recent chart hits.

Spend some time going through our song list; if there are songs you know you want to include, mention this when you make your booking. If the band can’t replicate a particular song, we can include it on the ipod playlist so that it can be played between sets.

REPLAY will also learn your special song or first dance song… as long as you give us a few weeks notice.

We have a huge list of songs in our repertoire and we try to learn a new song every other week. We keep our songs on a long rotation and we build a new set list for every event we play. Rest assured we’ll work with you to build a set-list that will make your party memorable.

Will you be modern/young enough for a younger Wedding?

Ouch! Apparently this is a real concern and I guess it’s a reasonable question. You can see from our photos that we’re perhaps a little older than some of the couples who book us. However, this shouldn’t be a reason to not book us. We may no longer be in our 20’s or 30’s but

  • we love great music regardless of when it was written and our song list reflects this
  • we have years of experience
  • between us we’ve played on some amazing stages and venues
  • between us we have played at 1000’s of weddings, parties and events
  • the longer we’ve been in the business the more time we’ve had to accumulate some impressive kit… we have superb quality instruments and rig which will only enhance the quality of our sound and performance
  • we’re experienced musicians and can cope with a few changes to schedule
  • we’re not the only older rockers in town…


If age is a factor for you… all I can say is don’t let it be. For your event you want a band that will provide a high quality performance. Judge us on our music and we won’t disappoint you… the height of my heels may not be what they once were but I can still reach the top notes.

Will you be as good as your music demos?

Everyone tells us that we are much better than our demo.

We may be a little biased but the dynamic and ambiance of a great live band is amazing… there is just such a special atmosphere when the party comes together, the dance floor is full and everyone is singing along with the band. Add to that the joy of the day, your beautiful French venue, our lighting, the weather and dancing under the starts and well… you have the perfect party!

The demos are here to show you that we can reach a professional standard… if you like how we sound on our website you can rest assured you will like us live.

Will you be right for our event?

If you are looking for a rock/pop wedding band then we will make your party a night to remember. If you’re looking for something a little different or a very specific genre of music we may not be what you want… but talk to us and we’ll soon let you know (and we may know someone else locally who would be perfect).

We love weddings and parties… we want everyone to love what we do. We won’t book an event unless we’re sure we can provide the service you need.

Need Acoustic Music?

REPLAY are a great party band and we can make your party memorable but we’re much more than that. We have several hours of fabulous acoustic music and many of the songs in our party set can be included too.

Even more reasons why booking a local band in France offers flexibility, reliability and great value for money!