Your Wedding, Your Music

There is no denying that organising a wedding is complicated; there are so many things to consider.  If you’ve decided to get married in another country, this can also bring a whole new set of complications.

If you’re getting married in fabulous France, the good news is that there is a huge collection of wedding professionals who can meet your every need.

France really does caters for everyone.  If you’ve got your heart set on a fairytale chateau then take your pick… equally if you fancy something a little more rustic you’ll be spoilt for choice.  There are beaches, mountains and the quintessential French rural vistas; there really is something for everyone.


Equally there are incredible wedding planners, teams of people who can dress your venue, provide flowers, food, wine, photographers, video, celebrants and fireworks… everything and everyone, fabulous, great quality, local and abundant.


And Then There’s the Music

Before you can really consider what kind of music is right for your wedding, you should really consider the venue.  Is there space?  Are there noise limitations?  Is a live band or a DJ allowed?

If all of this is fine then you can start to think about what you want. Choosing the right music can make or break your day and can set the scene for your wedding.   Is your wedding going to be a small intimate affair?  Or are you planning a party where everyone can join in and let their hair down?

Live music certainly adds an energy that recorded music can’t.  A disco is of course more versatile but (and granted we’re biased) there is nothing quite like rocking guitars and great vocals to get your party moving.


Booking a band from afar isn’t easy.  You can’t always get to hear them live but you can and should ask for references.  Take a look at their website; do they have a blog showing them as a busy working band?  Are there lots of photos to show them at work?  Is there a live video, plenty of recordings to listen to?  Do they have a set list that could reach all of your guests?  What are people saying about the band?  Are they used to playing at weddings? All of this can help your form a picture and help with your selection.

The Ceremony

The music you choose for your ceremony sets the stage for your day.   Some folks choose classical music, others go for more modern choices or songs that have special meaning.

REPLAY can offer both options and we also work with other musicians across the region; talk to us about your ideas.



What could be finer than chilled champagne, perfect apéritifs, a glorious romantic French backdrop… and a touch of fabulous understated live music?

The French call this time the Vin d’honneur.  It usually lasts a few hours and it’s a special time for family, friends and neighbours to come and share a glass of something wonderful and celebrate a wedding.  Live music is pretty much essential.

Our Champagne set has been hugely popular and is the perfect bridge from ceremony to dinner.

Wedding Breakfast

Some couples like to have music during the wedding breakfast.  We’ve worked with some great pianists and celloists that can do this brilliantly; equally some people prefer a little recorded music.

We have often played our wonderful collection of retro French cafe music… we have about 4 hours and it really does create a lovely atmosphere for your French wedding.

Evening Party

If you want a party that will get everyone on the dance floor and keeps everyone, from granny to young nieces or nephews happy, you need a band that has a set list that spans the decades.

REPLAY has a philosophy that a great song is a great song, regardless of when it was released.  We spend a lot of time looking for those GREAT songs and we fill our set lists with them.

But… If you are having a much more relaxed laid-back affair then we can also do chilled!


No matter how the good the band, it’s not possible to cover everything;  rocking guitars can struggle with the brass of Swing or Motown.  Equally no matter how large the repetoire, there will inevitably be songs that aren’t included.

However, what REPLAY do have is a smashing PA and an array of lights and the means to plug in your ipod or ours… giving you the disco extension to end your perfect party.



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