Beaux Villages and the Chateau

Last week The Candy Stripes made a visit to the very lovely Chateau des Vigiers in the Dordogne… so it only seemed fair that this week REPLAY had a turn. We’d been invited to play for a New Year Dinner Dance for Beaux Villages France.

The event was being held in the Chateau’s Chai; an old wine-making building.  130 guests arrived first for their annual presentation and corporate review, then a fabuous dinner and finally at 9:30 dancing by REPLAY.  The programme meant we’d have to arrive early to install before folks arrived… of course not a problem for REPLAY.

Today we were going to use a couple of new toys; a new laser to add to our growing collection and a new GoPro kind of camera, which we hope managed to catch some of the action (time will tell if the footage was good!)

Once installed and ready we left folks to their business and enjoyed a great meal in the Chateau Brasserie.  Great evening, great food, great company, great dancing and even our lasers lived up to the event!

I also managed to take a few seconds of video on my phone…



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