All Change in Dordogne

John, Stu and Colleen have been playing together now for many years.  We started life as Oui-Three; a trio of course!  In 2014 we decided to try life as a five piece and it was great but sadly it ended a year ago when we lost our drummer.  We went back to being a trio but we’re missing the beat of those drums and the thump of that bass.

Our backing tracks really are great.  Clients who have booked both bands tell us they love the trio and they love the tracks.  Being a trio means we’re affordable for a wider audience and we fit in smaller spaces!  In short the trio is great!  But we miss the flexibility of being 100% live.  Our backing tracks are a very strict discipline and it’s possible they have made us better musicians… but we still miss the five.

So you’ve guessed of course… we’re going to be a five piece again!

We were approached last year by a drummer and we’ve had a great session with him and it’s we’re a great match.  The Lovely Ben has moved on since last year so he’s not free to join us… so our search is on for another bass guitarist.  Once we’ve found him or her it will be rehearsals rehearsals rehearsals… and hopefully back on the road in 2017.

Of course, anyone who has booked the trio will still get the trio… we’ll just have both options going for a little while!

UK and Portugal Sept 14 988-tiltshift


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