Please Get Well Soon

A few weeks ago we posted news about re-forming the five-piece.  At the time we had been in touch with Ben; he played bass with us before and he’s a great guy.  Our request was bad timing for him as he’d been working hard building his business and felt that now was just the wrong time for him… being in a wedding band is pretty much a full time job.

Just a few days later we heard the worst possible news.  Ben had been taken ill, seriously ill and was fighting for his life.  This is what his partner Tina has written…

My partner, Ben Elliott, was struck down with Aortic Dissection on April 4th this year aged only 39. This is a rare and totally unexpected illness. Everyone who knows him has been amazed by this as he always seemed so strong.

After major surgery and battling internal bleeding and further complications he has come round and is beginning the long road to recovery. Ben is still on dialysis, he needs antibiotics to keep infections at bay, oxygen, blood pressure control and a lot of physio but he can recover. Currently he remains in Intensive Care.

Ben is a popular musician and has played in several bands in France and the UK.  We’re all stunned by this news and we wish Ben a speedy and total recovery.


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