поздравление in the Perigord

Today’s Russian bride had promised us a wedding that would be a little different… and she was right!  We were booked to play during the ceremony, the champagne reception and the evening party… the venue was the fabulous Chateau de la Fleunie, an amazing boutique chateau hotel in the heart of the Perigord.

Exterior-Chateau-La-Fleunie-3-star-Condat-sur-Vezere_1200.600.crop S.photo.06f2eWe arrived knowing that the schedule would be different and that we would be playing in three different locations; so logistically it was going to be a difficult day.  We brought 2 PA’s with us and we were also using the desk and PA that the wedding party themselves had hired.

First Stu and John set up on the terrace at the front of the hotel whilst I busied myself with the PA we would use for the ceremony.  I also set up a small speaker and mic for the wedding celebrant… thank goodness there was a power supply available.

Once we’d settled in these locations we turned our attentions to the main party reception hall in the inner courtyard of the chateau.  We were using a strange desk, and were going to have to move in quickly and without a sound check… it wasn’t ideal and crikey it was HOT HOT HOT.

We started on the terrace… with an hour from our chilled songs from our Champagne Set, whch welcomed the guests as they arrived.  Then, at the appointed time, a quick move down to the chateau gardens for the ceremony.  Here we played a simply version of Your Song, Marry You an instrumental version of Stairway to Heaven and finally Dream a Little Dream.  And then… back to the terrace for a few more songs from the Champagne set.

Then, we had a short window to move guitars and gear from the terrace to the dining hall… a quick  sound check and that was it.  Off we went with a little Parisienne Walkways!

After all that rushing around we had a chance to relax and wait until we were called for our next songs… this time it was dancing in the courtyard to our party set.

The schedule of a Russian wedding is very different, so we watched from the wings as the day unfolded… and enjoyed the amazing venue, beautiful people and to top it all FIREWORKS!

Thank you Sasha and Dasha for choosing us to be part of your very special day!