Playing Outside

We are often asked if we are happy to perform outdoors.  This is south west France and we  have glorious springs and long hot summers and fabulously warm autumn days… so why wouldn’t we want to be outside?

If you’re planing a big event outside and you want live music, then there are a few conditions that you should factor into your planning and your budget.

Playing Music in Sunshine

fa38b08b479a9ac302b78a3288573ab7What could be nicer than champagne, aperoes and live music under our fabulously warm french sun?  Well…

  • Musicians can get burnt
  • Instruments can get damaged
  • PA can overheat

It’s that simple.  Please ensure that there is adaquate shade (that also accommodates the movement of the sun) to keep your musicians and their gear safe and protected all day.


We get rain and summer storms in France, so before we can agree to play outside we need to be sure that there is a suitable cover that will protect us from all the elements.

This isn’t because we’re precious about getting wet – rather all of our instruments and mics and PA are powered by electricity… and water and electricity are poor bedfellows.


The bottom line is that is it simply not safe for us to play in these conditions.  Also, if our gear gets wet we have to stop… so for us the party will be over.

Safe Provision Of Electricity

Our instruments are powered.  We do not play unplugged (with the exception of planned ceremony songs).  If you would like us to play outside, even with a marquee, we will need a safe source of power.

When planning the source of electricity, remember that an household extention lead may not be suitable.  Invest in a safe suitable extension that will cope with wet weather conditions.

Please also consider the safety of both guests and musicians and be careful with trailing leads.

A Safe Flat Surface

If we are setting up outside, we need a surface that is suitable for our equipement.  Our lighting rigs and speakers are heavy and are mounted on poles.  These must be placed on a surface and in an area that is safe for both the band and your guests.


We can’t run our cables and leads across wet, muddy grass, so please consider how suitable our playing area will be for us.


Indoors or outdoors you need to consider how easy it is for us to access the site with our equipment.  We have a lot of heavy, expensive gear.  We need easy access for both the get in and equally for the get out.

  • Can we get our vehicles close?
  • Is there lighting?
  • Are there obstacles such as stairs or other difficult areas?

If the access is particularly difficult we may need additional time or assistance to allow the band to set up and equally crash down at the end of the event.

So… Will you Play Outside?

Yes… Of course!  Playing outside can be a great experience.  But never assume the weather will be fine – please prepare so we can ensure that everyone stays safe.  You will be investing considerable time and money into planning your event.  If we arrive and our playing environment isn’t safe we do reserve the right to say sorry… but we cant play here.