Happy Birthday

We’re not only a Wedding Band… very often we get asked to play at bars, restaurants, village halls and private parties; and today was a private party.

We drove off in the afternoon sun through the pretty rolling hills of the Dordogne countryside, nervous of the forecasted rain and hopeful that the sky looked clear.


When we arrived things were looking very organised indeed!  There was a bar tent, stocked and ready, 2 hogs roasting over a spit, an ice-cream cart in residence and a spot for the band, under the terrace (perfect protection from rain and sun), with electricity in place and a little room behind us where we could change and get ready… I was loving this location!

Today’s birthday girl was 21 and it wasnt long before lots and lots of guests arrived.  It’s always odd when we arrive at a venue.  We’ve usually never met the host, but because there is so much email communication folks often feel like old friends… and today we’re certainly greeted that way.

They had also booked another musician, playing a very cool bluesy piano set for the first hour or so… so folks were totally relaxed and happy by the time we started.

The rain held off, the food was great and the guests fabulous and they danced and partied until midnight… when we had to pack up and head off home. Happy Birthday indeed!

p.s. I had a little note from the Dad a few days later… Thank YOU Colleen, everyone loved the music and a great time was had by all… we do like a good party!