Vin D’Honneur Anyone?

Most people book REPLAY for their evening party… and to be fair if you’re looking for rocking guitars and powerful vocals and a set list that will get everyone on the dance floor then you cant go wrong with REPLAY.. but… we also do a great chilled champagne set.


Most of the local French weddings that book us, want a band for their Vin D’Honneur… the ‘wine of honou’… the champagne reception.

It’s been our experience that this part of the wedding day has far greater importance than the UK weddings.  Often, many more guest attend the Vin D’Honneur… the food and drink is more plentiful and it usually lasts between two to three hours.

We love playing at these parties and we love the chilled music that we create.  We can adapt many popular songs as well as tackle slower songs that, no matter how great, just dont cut it in the party set.

Today we travelled to Château de Plantadis near Saint-Martin-Terressus for the Vin D’Honneur of a rather lovely young French couple.  And it was a great day, the champagne flowed and the sun shone and toes tapped.

If you’re getting married in France… dont forget to consider the Champagne music!